1. Garment workers affected by COVID 19 by donating: £263.50 to AWAJ Foundation who amplify workers voices and fight for decent working conditions in the supply chain.  

2. Latin American LGTBQIA+ people and women who are dealing with intimate partner violence and domestic abuse by donating: £263.50 to LAWA to support safe houses for survivors.

3. Survivors of domestic violence in London by donating: £263.50 to Bromley and Croydon Women's Aid centres.

4. Working class young people in Manchester by donating £912.00 to RECLAIM Project Manchester.

5. LGBTQIA+ people in Lebanon and Beirut affected by the colossal explosion that occurred on Aug 4th by donating £147.00 to the Rebuilding Beirut With Pride Fund.

6. Homeless people, refugees, those who have lost their jobs and anyone else who relies on foodbanks in London by donating £710.00 to The Felix Project which equated to 3,795 fresh meals.

7. Palestinian emergency relief by donating £120.00 to Islamic Relief

8. Give Your Best, who run a community network and shop where gifted woman's clothes and accessories can be 'shopped' for free by people in the UK who are refugees, seeking asylum, destitute, NRPF or with precarious immigration status by donating £528.00.

9. Zarach Leeds, a charity committed to helping children and families who are living in poverty crisis by providing beds to children who don't have a safe, warm place to sleep, by donating £104.00.

Running total: £3,311.50